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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What I'm Not Doing While I'm Redesigning the Blog

While Simplicius and Truewit are off at the SAA (we'll no doubt be hearing from them soon), I've redesigned the look of the blog a bit, in an effort to distinguish it from all the other run-of-the-mill Blogger-template blogs out there: new colors, some new icons, and the new header/logo and footer, which I think are very cool. Let me know what you like or don't like, or if you have any display problems.

Here's what I should have been doing instead of endless fiddling with bloggy code:
  • getting my house ready to show potential buyers (due: tomorrow)
  • reading a manuscript for Cambridge UP, and writing a reader's report (due: about 11 days)
  • revising an upcoming talk, which is drafted but in need of fine-tuning (due: one week)
  • beginning work on the intro I need to write for a Shakespeare edition (due: October)
  • beginning work on the medium-length chapter I need to write for one of those "Introductions to ..." kind of books (due: October)
Actually the summer would be looking pretty relaxing, with only those last two items on the agenda, except that the move from Nameless University to University of the Unnamed will doubtless cause (and already has caused--see item 1 above) numerous delays and sidetracks. Not to mention that I have two totally new preps for the fall semester, one of which is an odd course that's not really in my field and that I will be completely making up as I go along, since the course has only been taught once before at U of U. I know, I know, this semester isn't even over yet, so why am I even talking about preps for fall semester, but this is what happens when one is on leave and procrastinating: hence the blog redesign and the above list.

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