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Monday, April 17, 2006

Welcome Carnival-Goers

We've had a bunch of new visitors in the past couple days, thanks to generous write-ups in this month's edition of History Carnival and Carnivalesque. Welcome to all of you. Have a look around and leave a comment or two while you're at it. We're excited to have you here reading the blog, and lurkers are always welcome, but de-lurking is always welcome too!

While you're here, you might enjoy our running series of reports from early modern literature conferences (see the sidebar item "In Sad Conference")--which, incidentally, should amply explain our decision to blog anonymously--and if you want to join in our reading group (see the sidebar item "Read On This Book" for details of our first book), we'd love to hear your thoughts when the time comes.

image: Lent at a Carnival, from Breugel's Battle of Carnival and Lent (1559)

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