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Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer slowdown

A friend of mine once told me a story of his first few days on a summer job working in a factory. This was a union shop, and my friend was an eager young thing who set hard to show everyone how good a worker he was. After a couple days, one of the union guys took him aside and said paternalistically, "Hey kid, why are you working so hard?" At which point my friend had a revelation: why, indeed, was he working so hard?

We seem to be having something of an industrial action ourselves here at BtR, the action known as a "slowdown." It's summertime. Don't work so hard. You'll make the rest of us look bad. So I apologize to my co-bloggers for my over-eager posting of my thoughts on Boas's University Drama. Take your time, people. The book will still be there when you get to it. After all, it's just been sitting on that library shelf for about 90 years waiting for someone, anyone, to take it down and read it. It can wait another week or two.

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